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That's incredibly sad, despite the sluggish growth of a top website. Freelance writers make more money in those pathetic Content Mills that I condemned before reading this. I know an award-winning journalist, a real writer folks!, that is not part of that 6.2%. He's brilliant. Funny what trends and monetizes. Silver Lining: Great UI/UX .

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Note: I am not a licensed broker or investor. This is not advice. Stock investing is a risk: you can lose your money. Please consult a licensed stock advisor before investing.

It’s 12:30 pm and I’m at the library staring at the cover of Forbes who is featuring the Winklevoss Twins. Two emotional thoughts consume me:

  1. I’m momentarily horrified from the sight of two of them because I can’t shake the dark rumors about the actor who played them in The Social Network. Two real-life Armie Hammers fetishizing cannibalism? What a nightmare!
  2. The cover says they are billionaires now, and…

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Is earning $3,000 an article success? How about getting published in every top niche magazine in your field? Is teaching 3,000 students and over 100 clients how to write professionally a success? I’ve done all of this in just a few years.

None of this is writing success to me.

I’m not talking about fame or money here — though that can surely be an achievable byproduct.

The success I’m talking about involves:

  • Feeling really good about your writing.
  • Healing and expression from your writing.
  • The joy of sharing your knowledge or experience through writing.
  • Connecting with others on a…

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If you dismiss NFTs because of the ridiculous headlines for the sale of a $69M piece of art or some random cat meme, you don’t understand NFTs.

Let me begin with something you do know.

The middle-man is the devil.

You know, the guy that takes 5% of, well, everything. Be they credit cards, payment processors, social media platforms, or so-called strategic partners — they all want a monetary slice of what mostly belongs to you.

In the past, nickel and diming every single transaction made companies like Visa and Chase Bank trillions.

Sure, people should pay for some services…

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There is this writer on Kristin Wilson on Medium who just blew my mind with her insights, and that’s not easy. Currently, it has 25,000 claps and 212 comments.

Wilson wrote a great article called The Pandemic Proves That Society Was Wrong About How to Live Life in the popular Illumination publication.

For those new to Medium or who are wondering what to read because trusting Medium’s strange algorithm for your home page leaves you more than skeptical, this is the one.

In it, Wilson basically breaks down the conversations a lot of us have been having in our heads…

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I love millennials. I’ve hired dozens of them for my companies. I’ve also taught thousands of them in college. I even married one ten years ago.

But I have to say, sometimes they just don’t get it. Here’s what I mean:

There's this interesting article on The Verge that tells the Other side, the employee's side (maybe). Hard to tell what's real and what's PR to boost member confidence.

The Verge's article interviewing 14 Medium employees had an interesting conclusion: “[Ev] keeps talking like this company founded in 2012 is a brand new startup finding its way,” one told me. At a certain point you’re not nimble and iterating. You’re just floundering and failing to follow through and execute.”

This isn't a startup anymore. I think any company over 5 years is past that point. Where are the consultants on…

Yes, good point, Tom! That's called Owned Media, as opposed to Paid [PR] or Earned Media [News]. The clear winner is a hybrid of all three which is Brand Journalism, my realm. IMHO, the most money is made this way.

As brands are forced to be more transparent, 10 times more so than popular news sources who no one trusts, it's pretty clear that Long-Form, Transparent Brand Journalism is the future. Or maybe it's not so clear to writers and audiences. This type of writer helps companies tell a story AND rank in Google: win-win.

But the branding has to…

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I knew we were doomed when Google dropped their famous company motto:

“Don’t be evil.”

However, I’m not ready to put them into purgatory yet.

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of people sharing images of Google searches that allegedly “prove” the wokeness and racial bias of Google. Yes, many of these people are highly political, but I don’t care about that sort of thing.

I’m apolitical.

It’s not the glaring sarcasm and anti-wokeness that bothers me. It’s that they’re 100% wrong.

The woke joke is on them. Anyone who understands basic SEO and alt texts will tell you their…

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