Glad you said this! It's been something I've wanted to say but was afraid the wokescold would attack. I'm not black or white, but it makes better sense for you to say it (despite the Asian hate bouncing around different cities these days).

As a former educator, I was definitely SOLD all this Critical Race Theory (CRT) stuff and taught how to make white people incredibly uncomfortable on purpose, which was to me, reverse-racism. You might as well spit on MLK, Jr's grave if you support CRT and there is no logic around that. Biden is a fool for re-enacting that in your schools and government.

Schools encourage this divisive rhetoric. They always talked about things not being a black/white thing--to include others of course--but that's all it ever was! No mention of other races or better yet, how to intelligently talk about race. Hint: it's 100% not in any books written by Ibram Kendi or Robyn DeAngelo!

If we're forced to read and practice it, why not the other side as well (you mention Thomas Sowell, which is great!)? Critical thinking and seeing both sides should be the informed way we proceed. Schools ain't going to do this though. Not a chance. They're hopeless. I think the woke narrative is so strong, it's every family and person for themselves.

Me, I'm a huge fan of MLK, Jr and his words.

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