There's this interesting article on The Verge that tells the Other side, the employee's side (maybe). Hard to tell what's real and what's PR to boost member confidence.

The Verge's article interviewing 14 Medium employees had an interesting conclusion: “[Ev] keeps talking like this company founded in 2012 is a brand new startup finding its way,” one told me. At a certain point you’re not nimble and iterating. You’re just floundering and failing to follow through and execute.”

This isn't a startup anymore. I think any company over 5 years is past that point. Where are the consultants on this? Hire AJ&Smart to figure it out. Hire somebody! When you have to self-fund your own company for a while because new investors don't want to touch it, that's a red flag.

We all remember Tumblr. They raised as much as Medium (over $120M). They were seemingly invincible and they had mass adoption. I loved their Re-Blog tool that did what Coach Tony talked about in a recent interview: we should find better ways to self-curate other writers on Medium. (Beyond an @ reply or link.) Where is Tumblr now?

As a writer, we must acknowledge that platforms come and go. We have to support the ones that do that the best. Medium does a good job, but I'm not sure about the business since after nearly a decade it's still struggling on the basics.

Product-Market Fit (PMF) is the harmony of Viability, Desirability, and Feasibility. Not sure if Medium is there yet, along with its scaling problems. I hope they figure it out.

Until then, there are lots of places for writers to make money writing about their silly millennial problems, tech hacks, woke diatribes, self-help, and businesses. I'm hoping Medium can stay in the ring. I really do!

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