Yes, good point, Tom! That's called Owned Media, as opposed to Paid [PR] or Earned Media [News]. The clear winner is a hybrid of all three which is Brand Journalism, my realm. IMHO, the most money is made this way.

As brands are forced to be more transparent, 10 times more so than popular news sources who no one trusts, it's pretty clear that Long-Form, Transparent Brand Journalism is the future. Or maybe it's not so clear to writers and audiences. This type of writer helps companies tell a story AND rank in Google: win-win.

But the branding has to be very light, almost non-existent because up-front readers don't always trust branded/paid/sponsored content. It has a jaded past.

Since you mention WordPress, where many businesses create their business sites, this is the perfect Owned Media platform. No, you'll never beat Medium in the search engines for head or super competitive mid-tail keywords, but you might in moderate mid-tail and long-tail keywords for sure. It's my whole business model lately and clients happily pay top dollar for this.

So why not write Spoke posts (shorter secondary keywords) on Medium to get the eyeballs? Then, backlink these shorties to your Hub/Epic/Evergreen/Pillar Posts hosted on your own WordPress site? This very old technique helps boost your company's Domain Authority.

In my experience as an SEO consultant and writer, this is one BASIC strategy many companies either don't know or they don't believe in. Countless page #1 rankings my myself and millions of others prove otherwise. I'm bullish on your WordPress assertion!

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